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Millah Murrah Kruse Time N177

N177 was purchased back in 2018 at 16mths for $50,000 (second highest price bull in Australia for that year). He is a moderate framed bull, long bodied and has a lovely muscle pattern with a soft skin type and impeccable structure. Backed with a pedigree stacked of notable cow makers. The females he is leaving us with are exceptional oozing a true Angus type of ‘efficiency’ being moderate, long, soft fleshing with a wonderful temperament and easy calvers. N177 sons featured the sale two years ago, and last year at pen three the entire pen sold for above sale average. This year, 5 sons will be offered, they will be an incredible pen of a true Angus type of long, soft, easy doing bulls that have everything you would expect from a modern Angus without losing the old Angus ‘true type’ of what made the Angus breed famous to start with. Tremendous prospects throughout this line that will take your female herd to the next level and give that potent early growth we expect of the breed today.

Rennylea Kodak K522

A second offering of K522 sons and all reared by 2yr old heifers. Kodak is a bull that stacks the figures as you move across the page but carries the extra body, length and depth with sound feet and legs and good temperament that clients expect from the Inglebrae bulls. Note a few of these were used lightly at 14months of age to join commercial heifers and have bounced back to lack nothing on the sale group. The K522 sons will present the opportunity on paper with calving ease, low birth, plenty of growth and a bit extra in marble. 5 sons on offer.

Baldridge 38 Special

Special is a very widely used bull now and this is our 3rd offering of him with 9 sons on offer and could very well start the sale this year. In past years they have been snapped up by producers seeking their sheer volume, strong top, depth of rib, great muscle expression, with a perfect structure throughout the feet and legs. We originally selected Special to gain a snippet of his dam, the prolific, Baldridge Isabel Y69 cow (now deceased) to continue building layers into our female herd and give clients that extra early growth, volume and bit of frame that his will sons offer. They will be an exceptional pen of bulls. Easy on the eye and a great spread of data as you work across the page.

Millah Murrah Hallmark L58 (AI)

Purchased back in 2016 (pic is at 5 ½ yr weighing in at 1364kgs full) we just love what this bull has done for our herd and now many of our clients, a real proven sire! We viewed sons recently working in the Western regions and through into QLD and he really has put the Old Cool back into herds (as I have advertised he would do). ‘Old Cool’ meaning, forget the paperwork, just presents and power, the way we use to select cattle, with tremendous length, depth of body, soft fleshing, doing ability, with a free moving gait and perfect feet and legs. You can almost picture the transformation he is having on the Inglebrae herd; we have 14 sons of L58 working the commercial cows and over the years to come we want every one of our 650 commercial cows to have his genetics, that’s what we think of him! His sons, in the past, have sold to $27,500 and have been very sort after by commercial producers, both pure Angus herds and cross bred herds, seeking the true maternal power and volume he injects into the herd. This year, 6 sons will be on offer, and it is the last chance to purchase a direct son of old L58. Sad to see the end of a tremendous run of bulls by L58 has been put together over the years!!!! Click on his video and watch the gentle giant move!!!!!!

Spinkler S Chisum 255

New sire after viewing some progeny in Australia in southern areas I couldn’t resist introducing Chisum into the programme here at Inglebrae for our local clientele and more in the north. His image says it all, thick, long, muscle, fleshing, doing ability, and structure. He ticks ALL the boxes. Chisum is a moderate bull that brings calving ease and good early growth, incredible dimensions really sums him up, and out of a notable cow family in the Spinkler herd. This is his first group of sons, which comes from a wide variety of cow mating’s, to see how to best to mate him but it really didn’t matter, as all have been high performers within the contemporary group. There will be 9 sons from more moderate type cows and some from larger framed cows that are going to stretch the boundaries of volume. Chisum is new genetics for the Inglebrae herd, and your inspection is invited, they won’t disappoint!!! Best suited, as mentioned, to calving ease, early growth and building layers of efficient into female herds with Chisum females being moderate soft fleshing neat uddered females.

Inglebrae Farms Powertrain P22

New sire, Powertrain gains his name from his visual appearance being as long as a train and incredibly powerful. Out of an older very neat uddered sound footed proven cow with her performance now stacking up. 10 sons on offer, Powertrain sons are best suited to cow mating and will add dimension to anything stretching your weaners out and over the top with more weight on the scales but leaving you with sound females with good milk and carcase. They will be a very even consistent pen of bulls to view and true to their sires outlook. Growth, carcase, milk with good marble.

Inglebrae Farms Quiz Time Q45

New sire, Quiz Time was a bull which backed up a handful of AI females at 14 months of age before selling as the Lot 1 in our 2021 sale as the Kruse Time N177 ‘feature son’ sold to the Cuthbert family at Yelarbon. I viewed Q45 at three years of age (last year) with added scale but maintaining the soft easy doing fleshing and correct structure we strive to maintain in the Inglebrae herd. The soft fleshing is definitely carrying through to this progeny giving great sale appeal and doing ability. A full brother to Quiz Time sold for $22,000 to Tweed Air at Kyogle in our 2022 sale. And again, we have another full brother to Quiz Time, S65, in this years sale as well. Quiz Time’s dam, M71, performance has been second to none, with her first heifer retained then three outstanding sons all making the sale and currently has a heifer on her that will be retained as well. Only three sons of Quiz Time in the sale and I wish I had more. Your inspection will find incredible growth, massive scrotal, good milk, sufficient marble in a silky skinned package. If you want to ad frame and dimension to the Kruse Time N177 sons the Quiz Time sons are a slightly larger version.

Inglebrae Farms Quarterback Q123

New sire, Q123 is an exceptional bull for volume and sheer capacity. Used at 14 months of age as a standout of his group to back up the AI programme on stud cows he then was meant to feature a lead off of the IFM Nobleman N6 sons in our 2021 sale but succumbed to an eye injury. He has a great mix of pedigree with plenty of New Zealand depth present on both sides with Matauri Reality on his sire side and Highlander of Stern on his dam’s side. Quarterback carries a little bit more frame, very thick, deep-sided bull but still the softness we expect. Only three sons this year, suited to cow mating’s with data to add growth, carcase, big scrotal and above average marble. Another good choice to increase the overall weight and yield of the weaner crop. Oh and did I mention how thick these fellows are!!

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