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Millah Murrah Kruse Time N177

N177 was purchased back in 2018 at 16 months (second highest top price bull in Australia for that year) he is a moderate framed bull, long bodied and has a lovely muscle pattern with a soft skin type and impeccable structure. Backed with a pedigree stacked of notable cow makers. The females he is leaving us with are exceptional, oozing a true Angus type of efficiency. Being moderate, early maturing, soft fleshing females with a wonderful temperament and easy calvers. This will be the fourth offering of Kruse sons with 5 on offer, all with calving easy and low to moderate birth and a couple of real stand outs from a pair of cows that puts that little bit extra into their progeny. Now that Kruse N177 has a good number of years of data collection under his belt his EBV data has jumped a good 20% across all growths and carcase figures to match his original visual appraisal of when we purchased him.

Murdeduke Quarterback Q011
Murdeduke Quarterback Q011.jpg

New Sire: (very heavily used throughout Australia) he presents tall, very long with a good free moving gait, with the soft fleshing we select for. We selectively used him over thicker set moderate framed cows with great results. His daughters are just coming two-year-old at Inglebrae and visually they are clean fronted with good extension, long deep body with a bit more frame. The 8 sons present moderate to large frame with great calving ease, below average birth carcass and a higher marbling score for those breeding stock for those markets.

Millah Murrah Rector R74
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New Sire: we purchased Rector R74 in 2021. Following the purchase he has been sort after by a few studs and this year he will have calves registered in four herds including the Millah Murrah herd where he has had continued light use through AI. Rector R74 carries all we look for in a bull being long deep and thick with a moderate frame and extremely quiet. This year his offering of 6 sons are all from moderate type cows with heifer joining’s in mind, being a walking sire we will have R74 sons for some years to come.

Banquet Quarter Pounder Q252
Banquet Quarterpounder Q252.jpg
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New Sire: Quarterpounder was the Banquet Angus 2021’s sale topper. Thick made with the typical extra bone that you expect of the Banquet cattle. He fitted our herd on type, with a great muscle pattern and skin with the soft fleshing we like to maintain in our herd, a data set that’s versatile sitting down the middle of the page. 5 sons that will front up earlier in the sale and that will put real weight on the scale.

Spinkler S Chisum 255

Second offering of Chisum sons and again I will say the image says it all, thick, long, muscle, fleshing, doing ability and structure! He ticks ALL our boxes. Last year his sons started the sale and sold well above average and one topping the sale that we have retained semen for our own use to continue this Chisum line. And another son selling into the Wallangra Angus stud at Wandoan. 6 sons selling and we expect the same again with moderate frame with calving ease, good growth, positive fats and an Angus type we tend to maintain in our herd. Both groups of daughters are stunning and are moderate, early maturing, long deep bodied females with lovely udder placement.

Inglebrae Farms Powertrain P22
IMG_6770 Lot 18 P22.JPG
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Second offering of Powertrain P22 sons. Last year’s comments from producers were, ‘they are long, thick, heavy boned, and being some of the heavier bulls in the draft’. His 8 sons are best used over cow mating’s and will add dimension to anything stretching your weaners and feeders out and over the top with more weight on the scales. Some of the growth figures on these bulls are stretching the boundaries of where we like to go but that’s their purpose. A lovely pen of bulls and very even true to their sires outlook

Inglebrae Farms Quarterback Q123
Image Coming Soon_Final.jpg
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Second offering of our own Quarterback (unrelated to the M Quarterback above). Q123 is an exceptional bull for visual volume and sheer capacity. He has a great mix of pedigree with plenty of New Zealand influence.  His 3 sons are more suited to cow mating’s with data to add growth, carcass, visually they are seriously thick and heavy muscled and will continue to grow frame, they also maintain the soft fleshing in a heavy carcass animal. Another good choice to increase the overall weight and yield of the weaner crop.

Millah Murrah Rector R74
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