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Welcome to 2020, I must say so glad 2019 is finished. Here in Tenterfield, and just like everywhere else severe drought has impacted us and how we operate, our thoughts remain with those clients still under the grip of drought and, like us, hope 2020 could be the year where we all start to rebuild again.

With the thoughts of our clients possible future needs, we have carefully selected and maintained a smaller elite group of bulls for a 2020 sale.This was done as we feel despite a lower demand than normal there will still be some producers in the process of regrouping their herd. So like our 2019 sale, we will only be presenting the very cream of the crop for your selection. 

2020 reference sires are already on the Sires Page for you to see what pedigrees are coming through and so you can stay up to date with the new ones. For anyone checking us out for the first time we have left up the 2019 pre-sale bull video and the sale lot images . Full sale details for the July 2020 bull sale, video and images, will be posted around the end of May. Any enquires welcome at any time.  


N10 has great calving ease with plenty of growth and marble, a long soft type with a great carcass outlook. He is a heifers first calf. At 22 months he weighs 798kgs.

N6 has been a standout from a calf and a favourite of mine. He was used as a yearling in the stud lightly to cover the AI programme on the heifers. He boasts top 1% of breed for all calving ease, calving ease daughters and gestation length with low birth then turns around to be well above average for growth, scrotal and marble with good milk and positive fats. Complete package here carrying great structure, soft easy doing type with a great muscle pattern. Out of a tremendous young cow. At 22 months of age, raw data collection for 600 day N6 was the heaviest bull in the draft at 872kgs (note he has done that after being used as a yearling) scrotal of 42cm, EMA 124cm and IMF 6.7%. a tremendous prospect with versatility.

N11 a William of Stern son. A magnificent type with so much capacity, out of a slightly bigger cow and shows just a little bit more than his brother Lot 4 N18 . A great opportunity to secure genetics from NZ as there isn’t much of it in Australia. Simply a herd improver! He is 824kgs at 22 months

N19 first of the Hallmark L58 sons as Lot 6 and weighs 848kgs at 22 months. Going to be a herd improver that will breed females with so much length, softness and doing ability and steers that will grow. A good low birth for a big bull. Mother is one of our bigger framed cows and her only other son sold to Goondi Angus at Cambooya in 2017.

N88 (our catalogue cover boy) with the Hallmark L58 so true to type, long, soft, deep, quiet and so much volume. Lot 9 is only 20mths of age and weighs 816kgs. At 600 day raw data collection he is in the top preforming 20%.

First of the Barnaby sons. A very high-volume bull with growth carcass and positive fats. Second heaviest, 856kgs, at 600 day raw data collection. Out of a big cow that preforms well and goes back to the Sara Park Angus genetics that we started with. Expect sale topping weaners from this fellow.

N90 above average growth. Very well-balanced bull with a little higher marbling with the nice hair type. That’s what you want to see on your weaners in the sale-yards, a bit of presentation. So much capacity here at data collection time and at only 20mths of age weighing 804kgs




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