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Below are last years sale bulls

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The New Zealand Matauri Reality sons start the sale again this year and P6 is as soft coated as they come with impeccable structure. He carries the calving ease and positive fats of his sire with a bit of added growth. If you like the correctness of the New Zealand herd, his dam is by Highlander of Stern and grand dam has Hingaia 469 back in her fathers’ pedigree. This guy is a great opportunity to put the doing ability and structure back in your herd.  He’s a heifers’ first calf and weighed in at 800kgs at 22months.

P17 is another Reality son with great calving ease, low birth (only 33kgs at birth) good growth and positive fats. He’s a lovely thick bull with impeccable structure. A heifers first calf and weighed 796kgs at 22 months.

P68 is a younger bull that has earned his spot at the front of the catalogue and we could not help but name him ‘Pinnacle’. Being a tremendous example of the angus breed on type. He’s very neatly made and owns a very well-balanced set of EVBs with good calving ease, above average growth, and above average marble. You wont fault him on structure and weighed in at 762 kgs at 21 months.

P83, another younger bull up the front.

828 kgs at just 20 months and scanned

114 EMA with 6.6 IMF, he carries his sires’ gentle nature. All growths are in the top 14% of breed with high carcase and marble. Sale topping weaners will follow this fellow.

P18 has jumped out from a 37kg birth weight and weighed in at 870kgs at 22 months after being used as a yearling to back up our AI programme on stud cows. His sheer volume as a yearling was ‘Paramount’ to his contemporary group which has earned him his name. His dam L18, her 1st son sold last year to Booragul Angus & Knowla livestock and has been entered into the Angus Cohort 10 Sire Benchmarking programme. Paramount won’t disappoint with EVBs of good calving ease, moderate birth, all growths in the top 10%, high milk, scrotal, carcase, eye muscle and marble. A tremendous prospect, you actually do not have to look at the paperwork to see the thickness he will inject into your herd.

First of the Hallmark L58 sons. Oozing that softness you need in your female herd, long and deep, good bone and structure, moderate right throughout on paper. 828 kgs at 22 months.

One of my picks of the sale. Absolutely love this bull. He is what I mean about the ‘OLD COOL’ - long, deep, soft coated, carries the Hallmark L58 trait of great feet, legs, structure, and quietness. Has good calving ease, below average birth, moderate growth was 38 kgs born and 814 kgs at 20 months. Will breed daughters that ‘do’. Don’t overlook the potential of this bull as a real sire.

Typical Barnaby son with great temperament, above average growth, scrotal, carcase, and marble. 794 kgs at 21 month and scanned 120 EMA with 6.8 IMF.

Another Barnaby son with great temperament, above average growth, scrotal, carcase and marble and out of a great old Booroomooka foundation cow. Plenty of maternal backing in this one’s pedigree.

P56. First of the Legend sons. These guys are so long and carry the volume their sire transmits. EVBs with above average growth, carcase, and marble.

Typical Hallmark L58 son. Impeccable structure and out of a lovely Highlander of Stern cow. He shows good length of body and muscle pattern, figures are moderate right throughout. Another great example of the angus breed.

P55 is as quite as they come. He had a full brother sell last year to the Bidgood family at Condamine. And this fellow will grow on to be a similar moderate package. He is a good option to breed replacement females. His dam Gretel G4’s only other son sold to Goondi Angus stud at Cambooya.

A Lakeside son with plenty of volume and power and the backing of maternal power on both sides of his pedigree. Above average EVBs for growth, milk, scrotal and carcase.

P28, a Lakeside son. I love what the depth and muscle the Highlander of Stern females are putting into their progeny in a moderate package. This fellow carries an average birth with good growth, plenty of milk, carcase, and marble.

A long Legend son out of a great older Booroomooka cow. Note she is still in the herd, so hasn’t missed a calf. EVBs show plenty of above average growth, carcase, and marbling.

Same as the lot before, this guy has plenty of volume and length in these Legend sons and EVBs to match.

P72, a heifers first calf and is a bull that has really grown into his name ‘Power’. He’s quite a big bull but still shows all the length depth and that loose skin type that have natural doing ability we like to see. Plenty of above average growth, carcase, and marble in his EVBs. He has gone from a 42 kg born calf to the heaviest in his contemporary group at 952kgs at 22 months. Scrotal of 42cm and scanned 127 EMA with an IMF of 7.4, fat P8 12. If you need to up your frame without losing the soft doing type… he will do it!


Another Lakeside son and as thick as they come which he has shown right from a calf. Same as the lot before, above average growth, milk, scrotal, carcase and marble.



P19 A heifers first calf with good calving ease, low birth and still with good growth and above average marble. Love the consistency of feet and leg structure of the Reality’s. He is the Last chance of a direct Reality 839 son at Inglebrae.

P14 out of a great moderate cow and a good option for heifer mating. Born at 32kgs and weighed in at 790kgs at 22months. The added thickness from his Lakeside sire and EVBs with good calving ease and really low birth top 6%, but still with good growth, milk and marble.

Great calving ease bull and low birth again with moderate growth.  34kgs born and out to 766 kgs at 21 mouths.

A heifers first calf with calving ease, below average birth, and moderate growth, 34 kgs born and out to 714kgs at 20 months.

P69. Great feet and legs structure. This is one well suited heifer bull with calving ease, low birth 37kgs born 708kgs at 21 months. A heavier muscle patterned bull and shouldn’t grow beyond being able to use over heifers. Note: one of Kelly’s favourites as he’s always up for a scratch at the gate, he is as quite as they come.




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