New Sire. We are extremely happy to present a run of sons by Kruse. We purchased him out of the 2018 Millah Murrah Sale at 16mths for $50,000. We were looking for a sire to come in and go over

We purchased Hallmark L58, at 17 months of age, at the record-breaking Millah Murrah sale in 2016 where he and his 10 brothers averaged $22,000 and most went to stud duties. We admired Hallmarks pedigree for his maternal strengths in the combination of the new Ascot Hallmark (sire) and Millah Murrah Abigail F102 (dam) by the old New Zealand legend Hingaia 469. Hallmark L58 today at almost  five years old has grown out to be a tremendous bull, long soft and deep and weighs well over 1200kgs 

with a great temperament. Has great calving easy with perfect feet. His sons last year were very much sort after with them getting dearer as the sale went on. His sons this year will present once again with great calving ease  and even better maternal power. (lets just say..we like to keep the Hallmark daughters in the front paddock!).

Second offering of Lakeside sons and again we are impressed with the sheer volume and power he puts into his progeny. His son's EBV's will have good growth, carcass, marble and above average milk. And carry the great, cow-maker, maternal power the Millah Murrah herd is renowned for. Lakeside's first group of daughters, at Inglebrae, are rearing their first calves as two year olds and ALL are soft fleshing, easy doing types with great confirmation and milk, adding carcass ease as they go!! 


38 Special

New Sire. Mediator is a heavy muscled Aviator son with a great look. We inspected some Mediator sons over the last 18months and were impressed and he has not disappointed, his sons are a must and with the two year old heifers we lined him up with are some of the best we have seen. Good frame, length of body and a heavy muscle pattern. They present with exceptional calving ease all born unassisted and are all a safe option for heifer mating but carry enough performance to be used over cows.






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