Lot 1


Inglebrae Farms Rambo R7

An absolute stand-out to start the sale, this guy has caught our eye right from a calf, R7 brings calving ease, low birth (born at 34kgs) with good growth, milk, scrotal and marble. We have retained semen from him for our own use to increase thickness, depth of body, structure and docility over selected females. His pedigree carries the prolific Isabella Y69 as grand-dam and his dam is a lovely Hallmark L58 cow that is showing plenty of promise, with her first two sons being exceptional and a yearling heifer retained in the stud this year. R7 will be a herd improver wherever he goes. Note he has not been running with the sale group of bulls due to a timber strike to his shoulder which he has totally recovered from, but I didn’t want to put him under the pressure of introducing him back into a group of the 40+ bulls. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 2


Inglebrae Farms Nobleman R20

Lovely Nobleman son, long stretchy and soft, with positive calving ease, above average growth, good scrotal, carcase and fats and is nice and docile. A heifers first calf, highly recommended. Suit cows.

Lot 3


Inglebrae Farms Remedy R16

Kelly’s favourite from a calf. R16 is as long as they come, deep soft fleshing sire, very docile, short skin type and has been a high performer of his contemporary group. Out of a really nice Maturi Reality heifer and this is her first effort. R16 boosts great calving ease with below average birth born at 36kgs and above average growth with positive fats and high marbling. Once again semen has been retained for in herd use. The doing ability of this fellow has been incredible being totally pasture reared. Tremendous prospect R16 for any herd. Good for heifers, cows

Lot 4


Inglebrae Farms Kodak R22

Love this bull as well and out of a very well put together Inglebrae Kiwi heifer with Highlander of Stern and Maturi Reality in the background. Once again carries all the type, as the previous bull, and again offers the same calving ease low birth and high growth fats as the Kodak sons offer. Will be an asset to any commercial herd. Good for heifers, cows

Lot 5


Inglebrae Farms Kodak R9

This short run of Kodak sons are very consistent in the flesh and on paper, if you need to put a couple of bulls together with a bit more marbling and the added advantage of top calving ease, low birth with above average growth don’t go past these. R9 is a heifers first calf, a lovely Clunnie Range Legend daughter. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 6


Inglebrae Farms Kodak R23

Again long, soft, deep, short hair type and great doing ability work through the figures and he will be hard to fault, just like in the flesh, all the Kodak’s are very sound in the feet and legs, soft shoulder with good neck rein and free moving. This time a heifers first calf a Millah Murrah Lakeside L69 daughter. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 7


Inglebrae Farms 38 Special R13

R13 is a great mix of pedigree, bringing some real carcase shape and sleep easy calving ease coming from both side of his bloodline. Top 2% calving ease, top 6% low birth with above average growth, good milk, scrotal, eye muscle, rear positive fats and plenty of marble. Some early viewing comments ‘thick free moving and balanced’. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 8


Inglebrae Farms 38 Special R33

Check the body mass throughout this guy, a 38 Special son out of a bigger Hallmark L58 cow whose first son sold last year for $14,000. Still with positive calving ease and above average growth, milk, scrotal and carcase. Once again free moving and balanced. Suit cows.

Lot 9


Inglebrae Farms Hallmark R100

First of the Hallmark L58 sons to sell this year, this guy is out of a nice moderate cow with plenty of history behind her. He is thick and so deep with the always present soft easy doing skin type the L58 sons carry he walks through himself freely and straight. Figures suggest sleep easy calving ease and a great heifer joining option.

Lot 10


Inglebrae Farms Kruse R29

A Kruse son that fits perfectly in this pen of thickset bulls. A full brother started the sale last year and sold to repeat buyers the Cuthbert family for $14,000. Very well-balanced bull that stands over a lot of ground with a below average birth and plenty of growth. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 11


Inglebrae Farms 38 Special R39

Back to a Special son and once again plenty of thickness and balance, free moving bull. Positive calving ease, average birth, good growth, carcase and eye muscle, born at 36kgs. Still good for heifers, cows.

Lot 12


Inglebrae Farms 38 Special R43

A slightly longer bull but still with the thickness of the Special bulls. Again, with positive calving ease, below average birth, plenty of growth, milk, carcase and eye muscle. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 13


Inglebrae Farms Kruse R35

R35 starts the third pen of bulls which are all a run of bigger framed Kruse sons. Kruse sons started the sale last year and were very much sort after soft fleshing, deep and long, with average birth and plenty of growth. Suit cows.

Lot 14


Inglebrae Farms Kruse R74

An extra deep Kruse son with soft fleshing. If you are breeding replacement females this pen of bulls (Lot 13- Lot 18) are perfect with average birth, growth, milk and carcase. Again, suits cows.

Lot 15


Inglebrae Farms Kruse R30

Long, soft, deep his dam, M38’s first two heifers have been retained. This guy will breed excellent replacements. Expect roomy, soft, easy doing females with plenty of growth and carcase for the steer progeny. Suit cows.

Lot 16


Inglebrae Farms Kruse R73

Plenty of frame and stretch from this bull with soft skin type and free moving. Will breed long roomy females and steers that will grow. His full brother sold at Lot 2 last year for $13 000. Below average birth, plenty of growth, carcase. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 17


Inglebrae Farms Kruse R32

Love this bull! could walk around him all day. Thick set, long, heavy carcase type, gains the extra sleep easy calving ease, low birth from his Reality dam. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 18


Inglebrae Farms Kruse R93

A heifers first calf. Picture perfect Te Mania Emperor daughter with positive calving ease, good growth, carcase and marble. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 19


Inglebrae Farms Hallmark R52

This is a great bull to start Pen four. A run of framey long soft deep Hallmark L58 sons. Out of a lovely older G4 cow that’s got a list as long as your arm with her first son selling to Goondi Angus at Cambooya some years back, a heifer retained, and two full brothers to R52 sold to the Bidgood family at Condamine and Holly family Tenterfield and G4 had a Lakeside son sell last year to the Smith family, Tenterfield to top the sale at $19,000. If your breeding replacement females and want the backing of a great high preforming cow and the reputation that Hallmark L58 has set in previous years as a real cow maker R52 is a great place to start. Positive calving ease, below average birth and way more growth than the figures estimate. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 20


Inglebrae Farms Hallmark R53

Another L58 son out of an older, J13, cow with plenty of history behind her. Would make the perfect pair with Lot 19, born on the same day and recorded raw data almost identical to each other. Calving ease, below average birth, will breed framey, long, deep, broody females and steers that grow, full brother sold last year to the Smith family, Tenterfield for $12,000. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 21


Inglebrae Farms Hallmark R78

They just keep coming in this pen of cow makers. Framey, long, deep, soft fleshing and docile. Positive calving ease, moderate birth, and a bit more growth. Suit cows.

Lot 22


Inglebrae Farms Hallmark R47

A consistent L58 son. Framey, long, soft, deep. You won’t fault these bulls for confirmation structure or for their framey length. Hallmark L58, at 7.5 years and weighs way over a tonne and still stands on perfect feet. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 23


Inglebrae Farms Hallmark R91

Another consistent L58 son. Plenty of stretch note the consistent calving ease, low birth with good growth throughout the L58’s with the extra frame, perfect for breeding replacement females. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 24


Inglebrae Farms Hallmark R110

Another consistent L58 son. Still with positive calving ease, average birth. Note the joined Hallmark females we offered in our commercial Auctionsplus female production sale in April, they were very much sort after and topped the sale on pedigree groups and had the highest average. Suit cows.

Lot 25


Inglebrae Farms Hallmark R48

Could have written one big comment for this pen of bulls- Framey, long soft fleshing, deep, structurally correct cow makers and steers that will grow! In the past, Hallmark sons have sold to $27,500 with commercial producers chasing the “Old Cool” that Hallmark L58 is renowned for. What you see is what you get and their doing ability is second to none. No matter where they go whether here on the Tablelands into the humidity of the coast or the heat of Charters Towers, they do the job. R48’s dams’ only other son was retained to breed calving ease sires to join our commercial sale females. We don’t retain many sires as we would rather offer the very best that Inglebrae has to offer. So, it says a lot when I can’t part with a bull. This guy has positive calving ease, low birth with growth. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 26


Inglebrae Farms 38 Special R36

R36 starts a pen of bulls of high power and volume. We always have a pen of bulls for clients that have the country to handle bigger framed cows and R36 is a great bull to inspect, long, soft skin who stands on perfect feet still maintains the positive calving ease and average birth 200day out to a top of 5% of breed and a 600day growth of out to a top of 4 % good milk, scrotal, marble and carcase to a top of 13%. Suit cows.

Lot 27


Inglebrae Farms Paramount R58

First of the Paramount sons to sell and this guy fits his sire image perfectly. Love the sheer volume throughout this bull long, heavy carcase, he maintains the positive calving ease again with a moderate birth for 600day out to top 20%, high milk scrotal marble and carcase again he stands on perfect feet and moves through himself effortlessly. His dam, N22, a Hallmark cow, her first son sold last year as a thumping Nobleman son to the Smith family, Tenterfield, for $18,000. Suit cows.

Lot 28


Inglebrae Farms Paramount R97

Again, another Paramount son with volume growth and carcase. This time out of a big framed Booroomooka Barnaby daughter, her first son sold last year as another thumping Nobleman son for $10,000 to the McDonald family, Murwillumbah. Suit cows.

Lot 29


Inglebrae Farms 38 Special R28

A long bull and strong over the top. Perfect feet you will find it hard to fault he will put some grunt into the steers positive calving ease, average birth with 600day out to a top of 14%, high milk, scrotal and carcase. Again, suit cows.

Lot 30


Inglebrae Farms Nobleman R21

A Te Mania Emperor’s daughter, a heifers’ first calf, and going to be a beauty if I can fill him up. Being pasture reared some of these bigger bulls really take some filling. Long, soft docile bull and despite his size carries great calving ease, low birth, born to a two-year-old heifer at 32kgs and good for 600day growth. Again, good for heifers, cows.

Lot 31


Inglebrae Farms Paramount R101

Last of the bigger framed bulls for pen five. Late maturing bull with plenty of growth, milk and carcase. Suit cows.

Lot 32


Inglebrae Farms Nobleman R24

A heifers first calf. Love this bull he is so balanced he has so much to offer with great calving ease, low birth, good growth, carcase. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 33


Inglebrae Farms Kruse R105

A heifers first calf again, so much maternal power in the Kruse N177 bull over the Maturi Reality heifer mix and gives the repetitive positive calving ease, low birth (so frequently read throughout the catalogue) with good growth, milk, scrotal, marble and carcase. Moderate framed bull. Long, soft, thick over the top, great feet. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 34


Inglebrae Farms Kodak R17

A heifers first calf again (all our heifers have to join and calve by two years of age) a Kodak son not quite as framey as his brother at the start of the sale but lacks nothing. A nice long bull with a heavy carcase outlook. Top 14% calving ease with low birth, good growth and works across the page ticking the boxes if you pick them paper, to a top 23% marble. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 35


Inglebrae Farms Kruse R81

Long, stretchy, soft coated, Kruse son. Free moving and athletic out of a bigger framed Barnaby daughter that had a Nobleman son sell for $10,000 last year. Maintains his positive calving ease, low birth with good growth. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 36


Inglebrae Farms Kodak R11

A typical Kodak style long, deep, soft coated, great feet, heifers first calf. Tremendous heifer, sleep ease option with calving ease in the top 2% of breed, and low birth top 4%, still with reasonable growth and across the page to marbling top 18 % for breed. Suit heifers, cows.

Lot 37


Inglebrae Farms Kruse R104

Great mix of pedigree with Kruse N177 over a Clunnie Range Legend heifer. Great length of body and thick over the top, soft shoulder, average birth, growth, good carcase and marble. Suit cows.

Lot 38


Inglebrae Farms Kruse R96

A heifers first calf (this last pen are mainly from heifers) and a great sleep ease heifer mating option with real high calving ease and low birth top 10% but still with good growth. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 39


Inglebrae Farms Kruse R50

A Kruse/ Reality mix of pedigree again and the repetitive calving ease low birth continues with adequate growth. Good for heifers, cows.

Lot 40


Inglebrae Farms Nobleman R27

A nice bull to finish the sale and is only at the end due to an ear injury which left him with a club ear. A heifers first calf, a lovely soft Nobleman son, still carrying the positive calving ease with average birth and higher growths than the rest of this pen of bulls also with great carcase and marble. Suit cows.